Project Scope: The historical landmark consisted of 420,000 square feet of a 3-story office building and a former hanger located on a 35-acre site. AMPCO was contracted to complete the abatement and demolition of the buildings. The environmental scope included asbestos and lead abatement, and removal of miscellaneous hazardous waste, Asbestos-containing materials included drywall, floor tile, and mastic, pipe insulation, wall mastic, and roof mastic. Lead-based materials included paint and ceramic tile.

Means and Methods: The demolition scope included the implementation of SWPPP and the complete structural demolition of the 420,000 square feet Star Barracks building and an 82,000 square feet Hanger. All building slabs, footings, and underground utilities including transit pipe were removed. All concrete was crushed and stockpiled on-site for re-use in the grading scope totaling 70,500 tons.

Challenges Faced:

• Performed demolition work next to multiple active buildings controlled by the U.S Coast Guard.
• Constant dust control management due to high winds.
• Dust control management due to crushing operations.
• Multiple story buildings that required the strict adherence to the engineering plan to demolish safely
• Working around wet soil conditions. Groundwater was 4’ below grade and created multiple hazards during footing removal.