Project Scope: Demolition and clearing of 50 acres of steep rugged terrain. Removed all above grade tanks, building structures, retaining walls, building foundations, underground utilities, site paving, site concrete, clearing and grubbing of all vegetation, removal of 800 large eucalyptus trees, onsite concrete processing and crushing, underground asbestos TSI piping/transit piping and relocated all asphalt grindings to the main Treasure Island site for repurposing. The project was completed in multiple phases.

Means and Methods: Removal of trees by way of operated 100k excavators, track loaders, and cranes. Removal of all limbs and lower trees to the ground in 10 ft sections in and around active streets and work areas. Pads were removed with multiple operated 100k excavators, processed, and trucked to the crushing operation stockpile for reuse. Traffic control for import-export operations was a key element of this project and was managed seamlessly. Removal of tanks by way of 100K excavator and shear attachment. Trenching, excavation, and backfill around live utilities.

Challenges Faced:

• Working on steep terrain around oak trees to be protected in place.
• Working around active public streets.
• Trucking operations were conducted on narrow roads.
• Additional dust control was needed due to high winds and dry conditions on the island.
• Rigging and transporting pipe sections from areas without access roads.
• Performing excavation and removal around live utilities.